What are the ingredients in your feed?
Our ingredients are alfalfa, barley, corn, peas, canola, and wheat.  These can be varied in percentages to better suit your herd’s needs.
What is the protein content of your feed?

The protein content can range from 13% – 28%.  This number is dependent on the percentages of the ingredients within a batch.  Contact Vince to find out what is the best option to fulfill the nutritional value needed for your animal. 

How do we know we are getting a high protein feed? Do you test it?
We send our feed product to labs to be tested regularly – all different or new recipes are sent to labs for testing.
Can we just get a straight alfalfa product or a straight grain product?
Yes, you can request a customized product with straight alfalfa, or a straight grain mix and everything in between.
Do you offer vitamins and minerals with your product?

Yes, we offer the option to add vitamin and mineral packages upon request.

Can you make a feed that is more specific to my herd?

Yes, it is now possible to create a customizable feed product that will fulfill the nutritional value needed for your particular animal or herdContact Vince to find out what is your best option.

Can we pick up feed and what are your hours for pick up?
Yes, you can pick up the feed at the pellet plant.  The hours are 6am – 6pm Monday through Friday, Saturdays 6am – 5pm.  Please be sure to call prior to pickup to insure that we have the tonnage available that you need.  Summer hours will vary.
Do you deliver?
Yes, bulk loads by the ton are available for delivery by truck.  Bulk orders are scheduled on calendar due to availability of product and consumer demand.
What are your prices for bulk feed orders?

Pricing for our feed is dependent on commodity prices and the cost of hay, year to year. Contact Vince for further pricing on larger orders.

Do you offer bulk bags and do you have them available at the plant?
Yes, we offer bulk bags and they are available at the plant.  You may also bring in your own bulk bag if you have one available.
Do you carry a smaller size bag?
Yes, we offer smaller 50 lbs bags, that are available at the plant.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash or check.  We do not accept credit cards at this time.
Do you have different summer hours?

Since we are a year round operational farm and feed plant, summers are our time where work takes us away from the pellet plant and to the fields. We ask that to ensure you receive the best customer service in these busy months that you call and schedule pickups and deliveries with Vince.

Do you make feed in the summers?
Yes, the pellet plant runs year round but the demand for feed drops in the summer, so it is always a good idea to call us and find out what feeds we have available at that time, to insure that you will get the feed you need.
Do you grow all your own product ingredients now?
We grow a large portion of our ingredients right here on our farm and use every bit grown in our product, but we have expanded over the last decade, and now, we are able to support other farms by purchasing their crops to use in our feed.
Where are you able to deposit the feed if we want it delivered?
We are able to deposit your feed in anything from an overhead bin to a grain bin, from a trailer to the floor of a shed.  It is recommended that you let us know where you would like your feed deposited when you place your order, so there is no confusion.
Do we need to be at the site when you are delivering our feed there?
No, we can deliver on site in your absence, just as long as you have given us clear directions as to where you would like your feed deposited, at the time of the order.
How many days do you deliver feed?

We deliver 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday and our hours are 6am – 6pm Monday through Friday, 6am – 5pm Saturday, with summer hours varying.  So that you may receive the best service, please call Vince to schedule your delivery.  

Do we have to let you know in advance if we want feed and how much?

Bulk feed orders are scheduled due to availability of feed and consumer demand.  It is recommended you call Vince to schedule your delivery.  Even if you are purchasing an amount that will fit in your pickup, it is a good idea to call to insure you will receive the feed you want.